Thin Film Technology Corp.

World leader in electronic components
1980 Commerce Drive, North Mankato, MN 56003
(507) 625–8445

Headquarters and factory

Thin Film Technology Corp.
1980 Commerce Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003 (USA)
Phone: (507) 625-8445
Fax: (507) 625-3523

Thin Film Technology Ltd. (China)
Room 303, East Ocean Centre
98 Granville Rd, Tsimshatsui East
Kowloon, Hong Kong (Ms. Finn Lin)


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Customer Service

  Ms. Jacquie Marsh
1-507-625-8445 ext. 11


  Mr. Mike Howieson

CEO and Director


Mr. Mark Broman
1-507-625-8445 ext.47

  Sales and Engineering Director

Ms. Cindy Thelemann
1-507-625-8445 ext.10


 Operations Director       


Mr. Fred Olinger
1-507-625-8445 ext. 50


Quality Assurance Director


 Ms. Elizabeth Anderson-Suarez
1-507-625-8445 ext.43

  Inside Sales Manager
  Ms. Rashelle Perry
1-507-625-8445 ext.22
  Regional Sales Manager

 Ms. Andrea Santamaria Montoya
1-507-625-8445 ext. 40

  Engineering Sales Manager

Ms. Sarina Saro
1-507-625-8445 ext. 18

  Regional Sales   

Ms. Finn Lin         
China Mobile : +86-136-16259869
Taiwan Mobile : +886-979-528762 

  Asia Sales

Stocking Distributors

  Trendsetter Electronics (USA)

Round Rock - Headquarters
Round Rock, TX (USA)
Phone: 512-310-8858
FAX: 512-310-8892

Houston Office
Houston, TX (USA)
Phone: 512-310-8858
FAX: 512-310-8892

Dallas Office
Dallas, TX (USA)
Phone: 512-310-8858
FAX: 512-310-8892

  SMD, Inc. (USA)  

Corporate Headquarters
Stocking Location

1 Oldfield
Irvine CA. 92618
Phone: 949-470-7700
FAX: 470-7777

Northeast Regional Office
Stocking Location

7-B Raymond Avenue - Unit 14
Salem, NH. 03079
Phone: 603-681-0320
FAX: 603-681-0321


MME Technology (Taiwan)


MME Technology Co., Ltd.
11F-5, No. 81, Sec. 1,
Hsin Tai 5th Road,
Hsichi Dist., New Taipei City,
Taiwan, ROC (Postal Code: 221-01)
Phone: +886-2-26980809
FAX: +886-2-26980810
  Utech Electronics (Canada)   Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
(416) 609-2900
  AMT Incorporated (Japan)  

4-1-17 Shijou-ohji, Nara City ,
Nara Pref.  630-8014 Japan
Phone: +81-742-30-0070
FAX:     +81-742-30-0200

Kawasaki Sales Office
KSP West Bldg. 7F. 712B,
3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City,
Kanagawa Pref.  213-0012    Japan
Phone: +81-44-820-8500
FAX:      +81-44-813-3882





(Israel and Europe)

12 Tabenkin St.
Raanana, Israel. 43562
Phone: +972-9-7740166
Tal <>