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TFT Introduces UCR Series
Thin Film Technology Corp. is pleased to announce the release of our new UCR Series (Ultra Tight Tolerance) chip resistors. These ultra-precision chip resistors provide absolute resistance tolerance of 0.01% and TCR of 2ppm. Additionally, they perform far better than other thin-film chip resistors with extremely high reliability and stability (3000Hrs Load life testing at 70C at rated power). They are perfect for demanding applications where high reliability and environmental stability is a must, such as automotive or test and measure applications. Sizes in 0603, 0805 and 1206 are available. Contact the factory for high volume production for commercial and special applications.

UCR Datasheet
TFT Introduced RM Series Resistor Networks
Thin Film Technology Corp is proud to introduce the RM-Series thin film chip resistor networks. Performance with unmatched reliability and excellent stability at different environmental conditions (operating temp up to 155C). Tight resistance tolerance tracking of 0.01% and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) tracking of 1ppm are achieved. Low noise, THIN FILM construction; custom circuit designs, termination counts, and chip sizes available by contact the factory; RoHS compliant, AEC-Q200 automotive grade and 100% Lead-Free.

RM Datasheet
TFT Introduces PAT-P Power Attenuator Series
Thin Film Technology Corp is pleased to announce the new power attenuator series PAT-P. A Beam lead chip in 3042 and 3060 size attenuators mounted on a nickel plated flange. This power attenuator series is capable of withstanding 1 Watt in the 3042 and 1.5 Watts in the 3060 and up to 5 Watts and 10 Watts respectively when mounted on a heat sink. The PAT-P delivers excellent VSWR performance up to 10GHz and attenuation values from 0 to -20dB. Competitively priced and suitable for high volume applications. Please see the data sheet for detailed information and contact a Sales Engineer for pricing.

PAT-P Datasheet
TFT Limited Serving Mainland China
Thin Film Technology is pleased to announce the formation of Thin Film Technology Corporation Ltd.. This company was setup as a logistics company which will handle the sales of TFT parts into mainland China. TFT and TFT Ltd. will be working closely together to service our customers in mainland China.
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