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TFT Limited Serving Mainland China
Thin Film Technology is pleased to announce the formation of Thin Film Technology Corporation Ltd.. This company was setup as a logistics company which will handle the sales of TFT parts into mainland China. TFT and TFT Ltd. will be working closely together to service our customers in mainland China.
TFT Introduces FR2 Voltage Divider Network
Thin Film Technology has introduced our FR2 Series resistor networks which are intended for use in voltage division applications for SSD memory devices. Resistor networks are used as voltage dividers and as terminators on certain ports to compensate for trace impedance mismatches to the characteristic cable impedance. Each operating mode of the SSD card (Active, Idle and Stand-by) requires different voltage levels, thus the need for voltage dividers. Because the power consumption is low, the voltage must be controlled accurately. With the resistor ratio performance of these resistor networks, greater accuracy can be obtained which will will reduce the CMRR. One of the main obstacles to overcome when designing this network was the overall package size since most applications which currently use discrete resistors for this voltage division incorporate two 0402 English size resistors. It was imperative that our network take up less space than the courtyard of two individual 0402 size discrete resistors, which the FR2 Series networks do. Samples are currently available for six initial dividers by contacting the factory. Follow the link below to the product datasheet.

FR2 Series Datasheet
TFT Introduces 30GHz Attenuators
Thin Film Technology (TFT) is currently in development of an 0805 sized High Frequency Attenuator. The ATT Series attenuators will feature a Ground-Signal-Ground (GSG) configuration with Land Gird Array (LGA) construction, allowing for excellent frequency performance to 30GHz. Standard attenuation offerings of 0 to 10dB with 1dB steps will cover most needs. Contact the factory for samples.

ATT Datasheet
Resistor Networks for Op-Amps
The Thin Film Technology S6 Series resistor networks are an ideal choice for precision op-amp applications. Click on the link to learn more.

R-Net for Precision Op-Amps
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