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Chip Resistors - TF Series
Chip Resistors - TF Series
High reliability, 0.05% to 1.0%, common sizes
Chip Resistors - CR Series
Chip Resistors - CR Series
Ultra reliability, 0.1% and 0.5% tolerance, Common sizes
Chip Resistors - RR Series
Chip Resistors - RR Series
Excellent Reliability, 0.5% tolerances (0.1% in 1206 size and larger), Comm...more

Chip Resistor - Low Ohm Current Sense Chip Resistors - UCR Series
Chip Resistors - UCR Series
TCR of 2PPM/C Tol. of 0.01% with 10KHr loadlife stability of 100PPM or less
RN73 Series
RN73 Series
0805 English size, tighter TCR

Chip DC Power Resistors Chip RF Power Resistors
Chip RF Power Resistors
50Ω Terminations
Resistor Network - 1206 size chip - RA1632/RN1632

PECL Terminator Resistor_Networks_RM