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Technical Resources

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PCB Design Error Contributions in Current Sense Resistors

Having a high reliable Current Sense Resistor (CSR) component in your design is always a priority for a successful output. However, the value of this component will be diminished if you do not have a good optimization of your PCB. The more you minimize your design error contributions, the more superior performance you will achieve. This paper will discuss some of the factors to consider when designing a PCB.

Current Sensing - 2-Terminal VS. 4-Terminal

This paper will review the differences between 2-terminal current sensing resistors mounted to a 4-wire land pattern and 4-terminal current sensing resistors mounted to a 4-wire land pattern. It will then explain why, even with the slightly higher price, 4-terminal resistors are the better choice.

TCR in Ultra-High Precision Current Sense Resistors

The purpose of this paper is to show the significance of Temperature Coefficient of a Resistance (TCR) in ultra-high precision current sense resistors and how it can fundamentally change an electrical circuit functionality.

ATQ 50GHz Performance

This application note will detail the procedure Thin Film Technology Corp. has used to measure the ATQ and demonstrate the de-embedding the component from the loss of the evaluation board and thus give a true measurement result of the ATQ