International Microwave Symposium

Conference Dates

June 19-24, Denver, Colorado

Conference Dates
June 19-24, Denver, Colorado

Thin Film Technology Corp., a leader in high performance, passive electronic components, is thrilled to be exhibiting our innovative product solutions at IMS for the second year in a row. Our Sales Engineering business model helps guide our customers to the solution that is right for them. We provide our expertise throughout the entire process; from modeling and simulation all the way through mass production, we utilize thin film, thick film, LTCC, and other emerging technologies in the service of our customers. Be sure to visit us at Booth 6103 to see how TFT can be your solution provider.

Product Highlights

Attenuator Selection Guide 2022

High Frequency, High Precision, Temperature Variable, 75 Ohm Impedance

CSR Selection Guide 2022

TFT’s Current Sense Resistors offer cutting edge innovation in both 4-terminal and 2-terminal construction. Our sales engineering model works with you to
provide the best component solution to achieve your project needs.

Technical Resource Highlights

Electrothermal Simulation Process 2022

The process of simulation and examples.

Effects of PCB and Manufacturing Design on CPA 0612 Precision Current Sense Resistor Tolerances

A study was carried out to investigate the factors that may contribute to variations in the CPA’s resistance.